View and Change your smart lock door code

If your smart lock features a numeric keypad, you can view your door code in the LittleBird mobile app. 

  1. Tap the Expand (∨) icon in the lock’s panel. The panel will expand to display your door code (usually a 4-digit number). You can enter this code into your smart lock to unlock it.

  2. Tap the Edit button. The lock detail screen will appear.

  3. Tap Edit Door Code. This will enable the editing of your door code.

  4. Tap the digit you want to change. (If you want to change the entire code, tap the first digit.) A system keyboard will appear.

  5. Enter one or more new digits on the keyboard. After you enter a digit, the insertion point will move to the next digit of the code.

  6. When you’re done, tap Save Door Code. You’ll see a message stating that the door code was changed successfully.

  7. Tap the Close (×) button on the lock detail screen to return to the 

My Home screen.